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EV charging made simple

We deliver electric vehicle charging hubs that are accessible and ready to scale.
Power the future of e-mobility with us

Electric vehicle fleets are the future.

60+ million new electric fleet vehicles are expected by 2030. So businesses today need to provide charging solutions that focus on uptime, schedule, and operations.

 EY and Bloomberg NEF

Future-proof your business with an EV charging hub

Our charging hub solutions provide charging station access to parking customers, carsharing vehicles, commercial fleets, and more.
Parkade Operators

Provide electrified parking stalls for EV drivers and car-share customers to improve occupancy rates and generate additional revenue.

Property Owners

Provide value to employees, guests, and mobility fleets by offering fast EV charging when on the go.

Depots & Logistics Fleets

Future-proof your fleet by transitioning to electric. We build charging hubs so your EV drivers can dock and charge their vehicles with ease.

Charging station connector plugged into an electric vehicle
parking lot chargers
Dual-port charging station

Integrated charging hub solutions

We create fleet-charging solutions that integrate our software and hardware, along with dependable operations services and energy management.

Our software adapts to the size and structure of your network, so you can manage complex networks with ease.


Expand your business with EV charging hubs. We support a variety of devices that are sure to fit your needs.


We help with financing partners, hardware integration, electrification advising, and more.

Attract more customers with EV charging hubs

Are you ready to improve occupancy rates and revenue as more electric vehicles and e-mobility services emerge?

By prioritizing network uptime, we’ll help you build a charging hub your customers can rely on.

Maximize your revenue by minimizing energy costs

Is your site ready to meet the increased energy loads needed to support an EV charging hub?

Our smart charging infrastructure and energy management software actively keeps your site’s energy costs to a minimum, so you don’t have to stress.

Diversify your revenue streams with carbon credits

Are you eligible for carbon offsets? Talk to us to learn more.

We help optimize the carbon credits earned from the energy delivered by your EV charging hub. By selling your carbon credits to organizations that need to offset their GHG emissions, you generate revenue while supporting net-zero targets.

Explore our current applications

We manage an expansive network of 100+ chargers across the University of British Columbia campus, and we’ve led a pilot program for vehicle-to-grid charging.

We are integrating smart EV charging with second-life battery storage and vehicle-to-grid charging with FortisBC, an electricity and natural gas distribution utility.

We provide the charging management platform for Vancity. The charging stalls outside their credit union branches allow employees to charge their EVs while at work.

We provide the EV fleet management platform for the City of Vancouver’s recycling fleet. We’ve helped lead their fleet electrification pilot program with DC fast chargers.

Future-proof your business today

We build EV charging hubs for any application.