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Reliable hardware to build your EV charging hub

Siemens chargers







Our Hardware Partners

All the charging stations we support are compliant with the Open ChargePoint Protocol (OCPP). These stations include level-2 AC chargers, as well as DC fast chargers. We are also exploring vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging stations.


Siemens wall-mounted level-2 charger
Phihong pedestal level-2 charger

Level-2 Charging Stations

Our safe, smart, and simple EV charging solutions are available in various charging capacities. We provide single or dual wall-mount or pedestal configurations, as well as standalone or networkable units.

DC Fast Chargers

Our 25–150 kW solutions for fuelling stations, fleets, and charging hubs provide EV drivers with options to fast charge their vehicles. Our solutions include flexible and scalable power configurations for CHAdeMO and CSS networks.

Delta wall-mounted DC fast charger (DCFC)
MOXA gateway hardware Gateway

The Smart EV-Charging Gateway

The Gateway is a smart EV-charging gateway that elevates existing charging infrastructure. Serving as the all-in-one interface between your charging stations, your site’s power grid, and the cloud, the Gateway allows you to remotely manage your stations and the EV charging load. The Gateway is also designed to be resilient to connectivity outages, allowing you to get the most out of your stations.

Why use smart charging?

Cost Efficiency

Through peak shaving, our smart charging technology reduces the risk of hefty demand charges.


The Gateway manages your site’s energy capacity by ensuring that your network is operating within safe limits.

Battery Health

The Gateway helps maximize the life of your DC fast chargers through dynamic charging profiles.

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