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Hub Concept for optimized EV charging

A charging hub is a group of stations dedicated to electric car charging.
What Are the Opportunities for Mobility Hubs?

Last-mile Mobility

Last-mile mobility services need a place to dock and charge

Logistic Companies

Logictic companies need stops for drivers with charging points


Carsharing needs electrified parking spots for customers

EV Drivers

EV drivers need to park & charge while they work and shop


Ridesharing needs fast charging stations in between pick-ups

High Traffic Location

Your high traffic location increases the value of your spot


Mobility Hubs are the future of parking lots

Diversify your revenue sources by drawing traffic & usage

Don’t just add EV charging as a standalone service when you can benefit from becoming a mobility hub

Offer more than parking and become an all in one place living space


Enable the future of Mobility Hubs

Electrification is creating a new challenge for parking operators

Are you ready to maintain occupancy rates & revenue with the EVs and new crop of e-mobility services coming up?

Are you ready to handle the energy load that comes from electrifying?


Be notified of critical issues the instant they occur

Receive alerts via your browswer, email, or SMS, and customize which notifications you want to receive

Troubleshoot issues right away once you know a charging session faulted or failed to start

Optimize site uptime by cycling in the next vehicle once a station has freed up


Access your charging data to drive strategic decision-making

Generate reports on completed charging sessions, peak station usage, and more

Export your data in CSV format for advanced data processing

Leverage historical insights to inform your business decisions

The Pricing tool allows you to schedule different prices for charging.

Control charging prices with advanced schedules and customizations

Manage the monetization of your EV charging network through custom pricing plans and schedules

Vary EV charging prices based on peak hours or power demand

Accommodate all customers by accepting a variety of payment methods


Track your fleet’s charging sessions using RFID cards

Authorize new cards hassle-free with our Access Card Authorization tool

Organize hundreds of cards within our software to scale up your fleet

Allow fleet drivers to recharge with ease with the simple tap of a card


Integrate your core platforms within our software, so you can manage your EVs and charging stations all in one place.

Start building your EV charging hub with Swyched