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Monitor and manage your EV charging hubs with ease

Our cloud-based software makes it easy to grow your open protocol EV charging network.

Analytics Dashboard

Analyze the real-time usage and historical performance of your stations

Device Management

Manage your sites, charging stations, and user experiences remotely


Stay up to date on device faults to keep your charging stations up and running


Access charging session data to drive strategic decision-making

Pricing Plans

Manage the monetization of your EV charging network

Access Control

Use access cards to allow EV fleet drivers to start charging easily


Analyze the performance of your stations

Check the status breakdown of all your charging stations

Monitor your site’s total power usage in real time

Track the average session length to gain insight into charger usage


Manage all your charging sites on a central platform

View all your stations, gateways, and sites on a single, comprehensive platform

Check the status of your stations, whether they are charging, idle, faulted, etc.

View station details such as real-time power, latest activity, and more


Be notified of critical issues the instant they occur

Receive alerts via your browswer, email, or SMS, and customize which notifications you want to receive

Troubleshoot issues right away once you know a charging session faulted or failed to start

Optimize site uptime by cycling in the next vehicle once a station has freed up


Access your charging data to drive strategic decision-making

Generate reports on completed charging sessions, peak station usage, and more

Export your data in CSV format for advanced data processing

Leverage historical insights to inform your business decisions


Control charging prices with advanced schedules and customizations

Manage the monetization of your EV charging network through custom pricing plans and schedules

Vary EV charging prices based on peak hours or power demand

Accommodate all customers by accepting a variety of payment methods


Track your fleet’s charging sessions using RFID cards

Authorize new cards hassle-free with our Access Card Authorization tool

Organize hundreds of cards within our software to scale up your fleet

Allow fleet drivers to recharge with ease with the simple tap of a card


Integrate your core platforms within our software, so you can manage your EVs and charging stations all in one place.

Start building your EV charging hub with Swyched